Timothy S. Starks is gazed as an ennobling driven orator motivationally and socialistically.

Diagnosticated as a creative constructionist to others, he is a teacher, public-spirited leader, pastor, and author. Pastor Starks has enriched eminently in speaking on Release, Hope, and Providence. In 2016 Pastor Starks is looking to release his first book entitled “Strength” an outlook of real events that shifted the seasons of life. Pastor Starks canvases the immense faith of his father Pastor Willie R. Starks Senior: and the medals of a soldier sustaining faith over prostrate cancer, bone cancer, chromes, and an aneurism on the heart. In the heart of his message Pastor Starks leaks the passion of a father who was determined to never quit serving people no matter how rough life became.

Pastor Starks carries the presentation of igniting and linking illustrations to the common auditor synchronizing power and possibilities in congregations and aspiring audiences.

In August 2015 Pastor Starks lost his nephew on the campus of Savannah State University to black on black crime. In the recovery of that emotional obstacle Pastor Starks became an advocate for ending outrageous acts in the African American community. In this he speaks to all generations on senselessness, safeness, and sagaciousness and the hope to change a hurting nation from hurting each other.