Timothy S. Starks is becoming a colossal voiced movement for the ancient and approaching times. He is a generational leader and messenger with a prolific sound cultivated to the systemized Kingdom of God. He served as an ardent musician for 25 years and is now consecrated for developing magnetic ministries to reconvene a people back to God. He is the youngest son to Pastor Willie R. Starks and Evangelist Charlotte Starks from Atlanta, Georgia and spent the majority of his life living next door to the church.

He is married to his best friend, the other half of his ministry who is affectionately known as “Songbird”, the beautiful former Charlene Rose Harvey. Together, they operate in ministry as one of Atlanta’s strongest and most influential power couples. He is the Pastor of The Mount Nebo Church in Pike County, Georgia. During his tenure, Mt. Nebo has bought 7.44 acres of land in an effort to secure its future and the church has gone viral as a place of theology and transformation, giving growth to the entire county.

As an uncommon pastor, he is characterized as an old man in a young man’s body–gifted to reconnect the gaps in tradition with transformation and bring Kingdom liberation to an unbalanced society. His experiences have carpentered his anomalous call to the ministry of kingdom building and sharpened his unique ability to tie cultures, generations and denominations with a transcendent kingdom language called the gospel.

Although he has achieved many great accomplishments, he holds three earned degrees: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies, Master of Arts in Leadership and Master of Arts in Religious Studies. He is certified in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for Chaplaincy and is working towards a Doctorate in Ministry Degree.

In addition to pastoring locally, he carries a prophetic voice globally. He is sought-after as a Motivational and Leadership speaker. In his personal life and in his ministry, he exemplifies an essence of leadership beyond his age and above his accomplishments. Distinguished as a gentleman, Pastor Starks is a husband, servant, caretaker, community leader, humanitarian, teacher, kingdom man and visionary.